2 de jun de 2011

The Last Chord

The Last Chord by mbisonti

Eye to eye
I see you there
Standin' right in front of me
The music stops 
Is not enough
No, it won't make it disappear

The rythm stays in the air
My thoughts can't make no sense
And I just hope your eyes to find my eyes again

I hear your notes
I sing my words
The words I wish I could say to you
Eternety is not too long (verso roubado do Jow)
To have a talk with you, my dear (verso roubado do Jow)

The last chord stays in our heads
Until we meet again
I'll keep on dreamin 'bout the things I couldn't say

We could skip the solo
The bridge won't take us nowhere
We're right where we belong
I believe that both of us
are needing each other to hold onto

Heavy hearts 
Full of hopes
and dreams that could not keep ti through
Make a wish
Today is the day
that everything may become true

Desires float throgh the air
How can it be so unfair?
I saw you're holding tight on someone else's hand


Turuturutututuruturutututuru Ooooh 

I gues is not today
That I will make you stay
Sorry about my honesty I'm tired of pretendind


Nada de tradução. Essa música fica breguíssima em português..

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